About Dr. Henderson

Dr. Henderson has well over 10 years experience supporting children and families. With a background in school and counseling psychology, Dr. Henderson has worked in both school and community settings as well as in youth forensics. Dr. Henderson has experience working with children and teens who struggle with anxiety, ADHD, executive skills, emotion regulation, behavioral difficulties, and school failure.

Dr. Henderson approaches her work with children and adolescents from a developmental and attachment-based perspective which emphasizes the role of the parent-child relationship in nurturing children toward improved functioning. A primary focus of her work is assisting parents to develop confidence in responding to their child or adolescent’s needs. She is also well-known for her ability to support parents in working collaboratively with school professionals towards enhanced outcomes for children and adolescents.


Trained in school psychology, Dr. Henderson has considerable skill and experience completing comprehensive and informative psychoeducational assessments. Dr. Henderson welcomes opportunities to consult with school personnel before, during, and after the assessment process to best promote a child’s academic and social success.

Outside of her work in private practice, Dr. Henderson is a lecturer at the University of British Columbia and is involved in research on bullying.

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